Rise of the Asian Languages: Day 2, Gamescom 2016


VR games are a new trend in gaming. What will their localization be like?

More focus on Asian languages, better analytics, and quantitative feedback from players are the top three localization trends to be expected in 2017. Day 2 of Gamescom 2016 saw the doors open to the public, and as the exhibition halls filled up with tens of thousands of people, we were behind the scenes probing the experts for their insights into the future of game localization.

Day One at Gamescom 2016

Warner Bros

Localization projects are bigger than ever before, users are becoming increasingly demanding, and  new technology is leading to ever new terminology challenges. We spent the day on location in Cologne at the opening of Gamescom 2016, and picked the brains of a number of industry insiders specializing in localization.