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Increasing Security in Memsource with Single Sign-on

Having a centralized login system is a requirement for most companies, especially if you are managing hundreds or even thousands of users.

We are excited to announce that we have launched single sign-on (SSO) with OneLogin, allowing admins with the Ultimate and Unlimited editions to manage users in Memsource Cloud more easily and more securely than ever before.

What is single sign-on?

Single sign-on enables users to log in just once to a central identity provider (IdP) and from there access the apps (service providers) integrated with that IdP, without having to enter their credentials again. Our new SSO option means that employees in organizations using Memsource can log in to Memsource Cloud directly using OneLogin.

What are the advantages of SSO?

  • Improved security: Employees are using more and more apps. Lots of different usernames and passwords for different apps can put a company network and company data at risk because it can be difficult to securely manage all the passwords. With SSO, it is much easier for companies to enforce a more rigorous password policy, and when used alongside other features like 2-factor authentication, can drastically improve account security. Read about the different ways Memsource Cloud enhances security (PDF).
  • Straightforward user management: Admins can manage access to company apps all in one place. Additionally, SSO allows admins to add and remove users from Memsource without needing to access the app itself.
  • Easier for users: Trying to remember multiple usernames and passwords is also a pain for employees (we’ve all selected the “reset password” link too many times…). With SSO, users just need to remember one set of credentials, meaning far fewer password reset requests which can compromise network and data security.

How can I configure SSO in Memsource?

It is easy for admin users to set up the Memsource SSO feature. It can be configured in the Settings section of your Memsource account and detailed instructions are available in our documentation.

Memsource can be integrated with identity providers compliant with SAML 2.0 protocol, but currently, our only fully supported option for SSO is with OneLogin. (More information about the OneLogin configuration is available in the OneLogin documentation).

The SSO feature is only available for Memsource users with Ultimate or Unlimited editions and can only be configured if you are logged in as an administrator.

Interested in increasing the security of your Memsource account with single sign-on? Contact our sales team to receive a customized demo tailored to your needs, or start a free trial of Memsource.

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