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Memsource is Ideal Tool for Attaining Our Educational Goals: Rikkyo University, Professor Tony Hartley

Tony Hartley “Whereas training is about maximising someone’s performance on a given task or tool, education is about maximising the person’s ability to evaluate, compare and choose solutions – for completing the task or deciding which tool to use,” is the view expressed by Tony Hartley, Professor of Translation Technologies at Rikkyo University, Tokyo.

This is the philosophy behind the graduate Technologies for Translators and Interpreters course initiated this academic year in Rikkyo’s College of Intercultural Communication.

“Memsource is an ideal tool for attaining our educational goals,” says Prof Hartley.

He adds that Memsource’s uncluttered user interface makes it an excellent candidate for introducing students to both TM and project management tools.

A further advantage for educational institutions is that Memsource lives in the Cloud, avoiding the need for local installation of software.

A key feature of the course is equipping students with methodologies to evaluate and compare applications within the same class. Equally important, however, are issues of interoperability with other classes of tools.

“Here Memsource gets a good score,” adds Prof Hartley.

In practical terms, it means that Rikkyo students can leverage the terminology they extract from corpora built using SketchEngine, as well as the suggestions they get from the MT engines of Systran and NICT, two other partners of Rikkyo. Naturally, the students are also interested in moving data between Memsource and the other TM applications they have access to.

“Students can effectively learn how to implement translation projects with Memsource” Prof Hartley concluded.

Lead by Professor Kayoko Takeda, Rikkyo’s T&I team this year launched new MA programs in professional translation and conference interpreting.

Drawing on experience gained within the European Masters in Translation framework, translator education is designed to address the competencies defined in ISO 17100.

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