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Machine Translation Report

What is the optimal MT Engine for you? Find out in the latest MT Report by Memsource.


Prevent Linguists from Editing Source

An option has been introduced for project managers and administrators to prohibit any editing of source by linguists – either by editing in editors or by manually uploading a bilingual file via our UI or API. The option Linguists may edit source (selected by default) is located in the Access and Security section in the project as well as global settings. If the option is deselected, linguists are not allowed to:

  • Edit source in the Desktop Editor or Web Editor – when pressing F2, “Source edits disabled by project owner.” message is displayed in the Web Editor, editing is not allowed in the Desktop Editor.

  • Upload bilingual MXLIFF or DOCX files including any source modification in the Cloud UI, API, Desktop Editor or Web Editor – Source edits prohibited by project owner. Upload failed.” message is displayed when attempting to do so.

  • Joining and splitting segments also count as source modification that will be prohibited.

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