Translation: Always Learning, Always Communicating

“The beautiful thing about translation is that you learn something new everyday,” says Dénis Wettmann, a freelance translator, consultant, and project manager we recently interviewed. Dénis started his career as a translator in 2007 and currently works with his spouse in mainland Europe. He specializes in psychology and psychopharmacology, but is also skilled in non-scientific translations such…


David’s Desk: Machine Translation Post-editing Revisited

It’s been almost six years since we launched Post-editing Analysis, a somewhat revolutionary feature back in 2011 when it was first introduced. Post-editing Analysis measures the post-editing effort based on an edit distance (the machine translation output vs. the final post-edited translation) and introduces the concept of “machine translation matches” that work very much like “translation…


Rising Translation Talents

Last fall, translation and localization students from all over the world participated in a Memsource contest to portray an English translation of a joke in their native tongue. We interviewed three of the winners and they offered some interesting insights into their translation student lives and their views about current trends in the market.