New Home Page Analytics Dashboards to Track Localization

A new set of dashboards featuring localization analytics for jobs, costs, savings, and more is now available on the home page in Memsource Cloud.

The new home page analytics dashboards are available for users of Team, Ultimate, Biz Start, Biz Team, and Unlimited editions. They allow users to have an overview of their jobs and processes and to receive in-depth analysis of over 400 localization statistics as they log into their Cloud account.


Multilingual apps to educate one billion children

The UK-based non-profit organization onebillion develops multilingual apps to spread numeracy and literacy among marginalized children throughout Africa and other regions.

Translating and localizing the apps presents a number of challenges for the developers, such as the quantity and type of target languages. As the app was deployed in more and more areas, it became clear that a smarter approach to managing the translations would be required.


David’s Desk: Memsource In 2016 And My New Year’s Resolution

Early in January as I was leaving my office to go home – as usual, a bit later than I would like – I saw a notification come up in my Google Calendar suggesting that I set a New Year’s resolution. It seems to be a new feature in Google’s calendar application, as it did not bother me with New Year’s resolutions in the past years. I kept the notification on my phone for a couple of days but couldn’t think of a good resolution, so I eventually dismissed it.


Enhancing Account Security with Two-Factor Authentication

Security is on the mind of any technology user, especially those who send files and data to multiple individuals or organizations for localization through the Cloud. Now, all Memsource users can increase the security of their Memsource account by enabling two-factor authentication and downloading Google Authenticator, Authy, or any other compatible application to their mobile devices.


Introducing In-Context Preview

The desktop Memsource Editor and online Web Editor are now available with a real-time in-context preview for Microsoft Word, HTML, and XML file types, including DITA files. The in-context preview allows translators to preview the translation in its native format with real-time changes while translating. This eliminates the need to download the original or translated document separately and provides an instant context for the segments currently being translated.