Machine Translation Survey

Last week I held a webinar, titled “Making Machine Translation Part of Your Everyday Workflow“. The webinar has been recorded and posted on YouTube. It has been attended by over 90 people (mainly localization specialists working for translation agencies or translation buyers).

Presto Translations Chooses Memsource Cloud

Presto, headquartered in Prague, the Czech Republic is a leading Czech translation agency, serving leading regional as well as international clients, among them: GE Money Bank, General Motors Southeast Europe, Henkel, Siemens, Telefónica, the European Court of Justice, European Parliament and others.

Memsource Editor 1.24 Released

A new version of Memsource Editor, which has just been released, provides users with better insight into the translation progress in the file they are working on. We have added a simple indicator in the status bar, showing the total number of segments, words and characters, followed by a slash and in green the total number…


Why Memsource Cloud?

This is a summary of feedback we got from our customers – translation agencies and corporate translation departments –  as to why they chose Memsource Cloud to be their preferred translation environment:

Version 1.22 of Memsource Editor Released

Earlier today we have released version 1.22 of Memsource Editor. There is not much in terms of visible new features. We have added the support for inserting a non-breaking space (or hard space as it is sometimes called). It can be inserted from the Edit menu or via the Ctrl+Shift+Space keyboard shortcut.

Two Minor Releases: Adding Zip Files to Projects

Earlier today we have released version 1.102.7 of Memsource Cloud as well as version 1.21 of Memsource Editor. Both are minor releases. The new version of Memsource Cloud brings improved import options for zip files and specifically addresses encoding issues related to file names in the zip file. Read more on importing zip files into Memsource…