De Letra: “Why We Chose Memsource”

This customer testimonial has been provided by Luciano O. Monteiro, Managing Partner of De Letra, a translation company based in Brazil.

In early 2013, we set out to choose a new translation productivity tool for our company. We had worked with some leading CAT tools in the market, each one of them with their own advantages and disadvantages.


Survey Results: Do Freelancers Use MT and the Cloud for Translating?

Memsource and have recently hosted a webinar that revealed some interesting facts about freelancers and technology. Although the group, with 190 registrants (and a little bit less than half that attended), cannot be viewed as representative for the freelancer community, we still got some interesting numbers. We have set up 3 polls, two of which were related to machine translation and one of which was related to cloud translation technology.


Open Files with 100K+ Segments: Memsource Editor 3.90 Released

You may have noticed that we have recently released Memsource Web Editor (as part of Memsource Cloud 3.0 release). However, we have not stopped improving our (more mature) desktop translator’s workbench – Memsource Editor. Today we have released Memsource Editor 3.90. It is immediately available for download and we have just started pushing this new version to our users through the automated upgrade process.