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Multilingual apps to educate one billion children

The UK-based non-profit organization onebillion develops multilingual apps to spread numeracy and literacy among marginalized children throughout Africa and other regions.

Translating and localizing the apps presents a number of challenges for the developers, such as the quantity and type of target languages. As the app was deployed in more and more areas, it became clear that a smarter approach to managing the translations would be required.

Learning math in 50 languages

onebillion-1 onebillion launched their math apps first and they are now available in more than 50 languages. The content for these apps consists mainly of short and simple instructions for the children to follow as they work on their exercises. Local translators, often non-professional, have so far been able to provide these translations.

Next project: literacy apps

The literacy app is a more complex project and only 3 language versions are currently available. Starting with the alphabet, it then moves to forming syllables, words, sentences, and finally short stories. For the localization of this type of material, onebillion collaborates closely with professionals working at local universities as well as UK based academic institutions.

Time for a new approach to translation

Until recently, onebillion was relying on an in-house translation system, which was perfectly adequate for the numeracy app. However, for the literacy app, it was clear that a centralization of their database and an advanced translation management tool would be crucial. Et voila! Memsource presented some key features that will assist with these challenges.

api Advanced API functionality enabling the integration with the onebillion in-house database to keep data centralized and consistent.

User-friendly interface making it easy to use for both their volunteer and professional translators.

offline The possibility to work offline, overcoming the challenge of poor internet connection in the regions where their collaborators are located.

Proud to be onboard!

Memsource is now supporting onebillion with a free BIZ Team edition of our translation management system plus full technical support and training. We hope that this contribution will enable onebillion to work efficiently and deliver outstanding apps that make education accessible to even more marginalized children.

What about you?

Would you like to support onebillion as well? Why not volunteer your time to translate and localize their learning apps? Contact Judith at onebillion to find out which languages are currently required!

Learn More: onebillion website

Additional onebillion supporters include: VSO, Malawi Ministry of Education, eurotalk, Norwegian Embassy in Malawi, Scottish Government, University of Nottingham, Junior Language Challenge