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Machine Translation Report

What is the optimal MT Engine for you? Find out in the latest MT Report by Memsource.


Memsource Mobile App Update

Available for Android and iOS, all users can enjoy peace of mind knowing their translations are well-managed and on track thanks to the app’s updated functionality and user experience.

What’s new? We’re glad you asked:

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Within the sleek new interface, users can take full control over their workflows without being tied down to a computer. The app caters to both project managers and translators in equally convenient ways.

Project Managers can:

  • Create projects and jobs from their phone
  • Avoid bulky laptops while traveling
  • Ensure deadlines are met with progress dashboards
  • Receive instant notifications when translation milestones are met
  • Use templates, term bases, and translation memories

Project Manager Projects Dashboard, New Project, and Shared Project UI[/caption]

Linguists can:

  • Receive instant notifications to accept or decline new jobs
  • Manage their workflow based on Jobs, instead of Projects
  • Get an overview of all current job statuses
  • Provide immediate response times and full accessibility to clients
  • Work from wherever they go - there’s no need to spend all day behind a desk. Work while camping, traveling, or whatever else!

Linguist Jobs List, Job Dashboard, and Job Filtering UI

All users can:

  • Update their avatar easily
  • Change timezones seamlessly
  • Add multiple user profiles and switch between them freely
  • Filter jobs according to workflow steps, target languages, or search by name
  • Opt-in or out of receiving newsletters

Download now

Enable yourself to work wherever you are by downloading the Memsource app and start managing your translation projects on-the-go. Available in the App Store and Google Play:

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