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Machine Translation Report

What is the optimal MT Engine for you? Find out in the latest MT Report by Memsource.


Memsource Translate Now Supports Machine Translation from Amazon

Amazon Translate

Anyone who wants to use machine translation shares a common problem – there are now so many machine translation engines to choose from, it’s a difficult and tedious process to decide which one is the best for translating their source content. Also, changes are made to the engines all the time and new language pairs are constantly added. In fact, in a Memsource internal assessment, we found that in over 70% of translation projects in Memsource, customers aren’t using the most effective MT engine.

In response to this, Memsource developed Memsource Translate. First released last year, Memsource Translate is a machine translation management feature that automatically selects the optimal engine for your content, making it easier, faster, and cheaper to produce high-quality translations.

We work to continuously improve our product offerings and Memsource Translate is no exception. One key objective is to add more machine translation engines. We are very pleased to announce that Amazon Translate has just been added as a supported engine, alongside the existing supported engines, Google Translate and Microsoft Translator.

To use Memsource Translate together with Amazon Translate, all you need is a Memsource account. If you are using Memsource Translate for the first time, you will receive free Memsource Translate characters to test it out on your own content.

How does the selection work?

Currently, the selection is based on the language pair of the translation. Once a file is uploaded and the source and target languages are selected, Memsource Translate automatically selects the optimal engine for the content. Quality scores are immediately available for the machine translation results, through our Machine Translation Quality Estimation feature. It identifies high-quality machine translation that doesn’t require further post-editing, which can increase translator productivity and reduce translation costs.

The process works as shown below:

In the coming months, the content type, or domain, of the text will also play a role in machine translation selection. Using AI-driven technology, the domain will be automatically identified and the optimal MT engine for that domain will be selected. The domains range from “Software” to “Travel and Hospitality”. Stayed tuned for further updates to Memsource Translate in the near future!

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