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Memsource Production Moves to Bi-Weekly Release Cycles

The Memsource product and development teams have transitioned the product release cycle from weekly to twice per month, allowing for a more effective internal process and to spend more time on bug-checking and quality control before deploying to the live Memsource platform.

Why are we changing to bi-weekly release cycles?

In early 2016, Memsource started releasing updates with zero downtime, and by October, was releasing weekly updates to the platform. As the development team grew, they adopted the Scrum methodology for weekly feature development and bug fixing in early 2017. With the addition of a QA team in September 2017, the teams decided more time was needed between sprints. The weekly sprints have been extended to bi-weekly Tuesday release cycles effective December 2017 to provide time for additional testing and quality control.

What are the benefits?

The most immediate benefit should be invisible to users - a reduction of bugs and a smooth deployment of new features (however, because we’re a technology platform, if you DO find a bug, say hello to our friendly Support team so they can address it).

Will I have to download new versions of Memsource?

Nope. This is a major benefit of Cloud-based technology solutions, plus it will continue to be launched with zero downtime. The only item to download is the Memsource Desktop Editor for offline translations (but if you already have it, it will automatically update the next time you open it).

How can I stay up-to-date with the release cycles?

Thanks for asking! Stay tuned to the Update Log, make sure you’re subscribed to our monthly newsletter (you can also change your preferences within your User Profile), and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

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