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Memsource Mobile, the Best App for Translation on the Go

Best App for Translation

Learn how the best app for translation on the go worldwide helps project managers and translators to work together from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

We live in our apps these days. According to eMarketer, in the US alone, people spend more than four hours daily online––with 88% of that time spent in apps––and these numbers are rapidly being reflected on a global basis, not just with consumer apps, but with business applications that are increasingly sophisticated.

The Memsource Mobile app was developed to serve as the mobile access point to the Memsource platform, with its full suite of translation management tools. Now, with our continuous improvement processes, it is possible for users to work from whatever location and device they prefer.

What is a mobile translation app?

A mobile translation app is a type of software installed on a mobile device to facilitate the process of translation. Ideally, a mobile translation or localization app should offer the same powerful capabilities and features of a web or desktop translation management system in a mobile interface. With an advanced mobile translation app, the user can order updates, corrections, or new translations, regardless of their location.

Basic apps offer machine translation for interpersonal communications

There are basic translation apps that, in essence, only provide machine translation access, which is great for on-the-go translation and fast communication across languages––but a true translation management app mirrors the abilities of their powerful web or desktop cousins.

A localization or translation project manager using a full-featured mobile app should be able to:

All accessible from a mobile smartphone or tablet.

Why does a mobile app for translation matter?

Translation is a highly global process. It’s critical for introducing and supporting all kinds of products and services in multiple markets across the globe. In a world of increasingly remote and mobile work, the ability to quickly update and revise content across many markets is critical.

Buyers increasingly expect information and support in their native language

Nimdzi conducted a recent survey on language preferences and found that “consuming content, and communicating in our own native language is as private and personal as it gets—and what is personal is what ultimately drives buying decisions.” The use of mobile translation apps is one more way to refine and manage your customer communications in real-time and in their preferred language.

Cloud connections and a mobile translation app: work from anywhere

A mobile app for translation gives users that capability from any device or location, connecting project managers and translators who are on the go. Since these apps are cloud-based, they retain a record of any translation project that can be accessed from any device by anyone with the required access.

Memsource Mobile comes into play

Memsource Mobile has been the leading app for managing translation and localization projects on the go. The ability to quickly send snippets of text out for translation and have them returned in the target language while traveling is ideal in a highly mobile society.

With the Memsource Editor for Mobile, those capabilities are extended to the entire end-to-end translation process. The mobile editor gives translators and project managers the ability to edit both the source and target language text within the app. This advanced development makes it a completely self-sufficient tool for managing translation and localization projects, large or small.

Memsource Mobile in action: the benefits of a mobile app for translation

Memsource Mobile offers much of the feature set of the main Memsource translation management platform, sharing the same integration and powerful tools. Here are just a few of the critical features and the benefits they bring to the mobile experience.

Manage urgent translation requests

Imagine you’ve got a sales opportunity requiring a fast translation of a presentation or technical document. The need is urgent and your translation project manager is out of the office. Now they can use the Memsource Mobile app to handle that urgent request and quickly turn it around wherever they are.

Translation on the go

Content these days is much more than documents. It is embedded instructions, user interface elements, digital marketing copy, including web copy and blog articles, and much more. The app offers the ability to quickly roll these out in a new language or update translations in existing target languages, all while on the go.

Push notifications to translators and clients

It is late at night and your translator is several time zones away. You’ve got a requirement to get something translated quickly. With push notifications, you can deliver your request directly to their phone and get a reply about availability, in real-time.

Switch between translation project accounts

Most translation project managers are dealing with multiple projects, translators, clients, and products. The Memsource Translation App allows them to easily switch between projects, accounts, languages, and translators from the convenience of their mobile device(s).

Memsource Mobile supports seventeen languages with more to come.

Latest user-requested features in Memsource Mobile

The current version of Memsource Mobile adds some very useful functionality to the translation project management and linguist experience. Here’s a quick overview of new features and some best practices for taking full advantage of them.

Create analyses in mobile

Content can be analyzed within the app or imported from Memsource and those analyses assigned to linguists from the app. This speeds up turnaround and provides clarity regarding the project manager’s requirements.

Auto pre-translation of new segments and Autocomplete

Automated pre-translation and insertion of new segments mean no more manual typing of new or translated content. Optional Autocomplete (in Settings) autocompletes both individual words and phrases based on glossaries in the CAT tool for even faster entry.

Open joined jobs in the Editor for simultaneous translation

Memsource users can now simultaneously open joined jobs in the Editor. This means they can work on jobs related by language combination, project, and/or workflow, without opening and closing jobs.

Read-only mode for linguists and highlighted first repetitions of translated content

Activate read-only mode (in Settings) for linguists so they review jobs before they quote or accept them. First repetitions of translated content are highlighted for faster review.

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