Memsource Mobile: Exciting New Improvements

Translating on your phone

Since the last major release of Memsource Mobile in July 2019, when the Memsource Editor for Mobile was launched, the Memsource Mobile team have been working hard to make the app even better. Here’s an overview of the main improvements over the past few months.

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Landscape View

You can now change the orientation of the Memsource Mobile screen making it easier to type in the Memsource Editor for Mobile. Landscape view is available for the whole app on Android and in the Editor for Mobile on iOS devices.

Highlighting Terms in Source

In the Memsource Editor for Mobile, terms found in your term base are now highlighted in the source text. (This is already available in the Memsource Editor for Web and Desktop). Highlighted terms make it easier to see when to use term base terms and ensure you don’t lose your place in the source text.

Translating from your smartphone

Pre-translate After the Jump

In the Editor for Web and Desktop, the best match from the CAT resources (translation memory, non-translatable, or machine translation) is automatically inserted as you confirm a segment and jump to the next. This feature has just been added to the Editor for Mobile too. Depending on your pre-translate after the jump preferences, the source content can now also be automatically inserted into the target segment after the jump in the Editor for Mobile, if translation memory, non-translatable, or machine translation matches are not available.

Mobile CAT tool

Support for Tablets

Although the Editor for Mobile could be used on tablets since its launch, it wasn’t optimized for tablets. We have made it much easier to use the Editor on tablets by showing the segment list and edited segment right next to each other (see below).

Translation tools

A list of all new features can be found in the Memsource Mobile Release Notes.

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Katie Chadd
Katie Chadd

Product Marketing Manager