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Machine Translation Report

What is the optimal MT Engine for you? Find out in the latest MT Report by Memsource.


Our Response to COVID-19

We are all living in a radically new reality which we all have to adapt to very quickly. I’d like to share some of the first measures we’ve implemented but also start a dialogue with you – our customers – about what else may be needed and how we can all come together to work through this disruption and minimize the impact on our lives and businesses.

As Memsource is a fully managed cloud-based system, our customers rely on us being operational at all times. And we’ve seen that with many people working from home, Memsource has become a key component of business continuity planning by our customers. As one customer put it: “We are so glad to have implemented Memsource – everyone now works from their home and uses Memsource.”

Our Business Continuity

As soon as the COVID-19 outbreak turned into a pandemic, our number one priority was business continuity. Luckily, with very solid business continuity planning already in place, we were able to implement the following measures quickly:

A New Home Office Policy

Previously, everyone at Memsource could work for up to two days a week from home. Starting from 11 March 2020, we asked our team to only work from home. This measure was motivated by the importance of protecting our team’s health as well as ensuring business continuity. By having our team distributed, the risk of having, e.g. our entire infrastructure team fall sick was minimized. We acted early and implemented the mandatory home office policy one week before the official Czech government recommendation.

Increased Communication

With everyone working remotely and little or no opportunity to interact face to face, we’ve set up more online meetings, both internally at Memsource and with our customers. Below is a list which includes information about all of our upcoming meetings. Feel free to register if you’re a Memsource customer. If you’re new to Memsource, sign up for an account.

Our Recent Uptime

We want to make sure that Memsource just works and that it’s one less worry for you, so that you can focus on your localization work. You can follow our uptime on the Memsource Status page.

Upcoming Meetings and Events

We’ve launched a whole new series of meetings to provide our customers with more opportunities to connect with the Memsource team.

Open Office Meetings

Weekly on Fridays
Our Account Managers take turns running these weekly meetings to address any questions you may have about our platform and how to use it. We want to make sure you use Memsource to its full potential.
Sign up now.

Meetings Focused on Specific Customer Segments

Weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout April 2020
We want to provide you with a communication channel through which you can share your questions and experience with us and with those from a similar industry as you. We’ll be inviting you to these focus groups via email. Please note that you can reach out to your Account Manager at any time.

Tutorials on Innovating with Memsource Using Machine Translation

April/May 2020
Machine translation can help you boost efficiency, cut costs, and reach new markets. Over the next few months, we’ll be organizing dedicated online sessions related to machine translation. The first will be part of our Memsource online meetup (more details below) where Memsource CTO, Dalibor Frívaldský, will discuss new ways to use machine translation (MT), the challenges of MT, and how Memsource’s innovative MT management solution, Memsource Translate, and related features enable and support this transition. The second will be a webinar tutorial which will provide a step-by-step guide to using machine translation in Memsource.

Memsource Meetup

21 April 2020
Join this free online event to learn how the localization industry is confronting the COVID-19 headwinds and what everyone is doing to keep their business up and running. Learn about the latest innovations in machine translation and how they can help to increase localization productivity and reduce costs.
Learn more.

Thank you.

David Canek, Memsource CEO

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