Memsource Certified Trainer - Daniel Zielinski

Picture_Daniel Zielinski Daniel Zielinski, Loctimize GmbH. Consultant and trainer in the language industry.
Years of experience in the translation industry: 15 years
Years of experience as Memsource user: 4 years
Why did you choose to become a Memsource certified trainer?

Our main goal is to advise Memsource clients professionally. This requires knowing the tool by heart and also have the practical experience as a trainer. Memsource is a great tool because of its user friendliness, low complexity and the opportunity to integrate with other systems.

In which language(s) will you provide Memsource training?

German, English and French

What activities are you developing - or have developed - as Memsource trainer?

  • Implementation workshop for Memsource
  • Memsource for project managers and translators

What kind of audience do you plan to train/are you training?

International businesses using Memsource as a translation tool – specifically project managers, translators, quality assurance specialists, (in-country) reviewers and proofreaders

Which are the most useful Memsource functionalities for your work?

  • Memsource Web Editor
  • Web-based project management
  • No installation needed

What do you like most about Memsource?

  • Ease of use
  • Strong API
  • The company Memsource with its staff and support team

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