Memsource Certified Trainer - Christiane Mieth

2015 11 02 _DSC0700-Edit-Edit Christiane Mieth, Consultant for multilingual information processes at berns language consulting GmbH
Years of experience in the translation industry: 5
Years of experience as Memsource user: 2

Why did you choose to become Memsource Certified Trainer?

I aimed to become a Memsource Certified Trainer because I support our customers in the translation processes with my system expertise and knowledge.

In which language(s) will you give Memsource training?

German, English and French.

What activities are you developing - or have developed - as Memsource Certified Trainer?

I am developing webinars, online tutorials and in-house trainings.

What kind of audience do you plan to train/are you training?

I train anyone with a specific or general need to be trained or with a system or process problem to be solved. On one hand, trainings will be interesting for users who want get to know Memsource. But also corporate clients who are not yet sure how to get the best out of Memsource for their individual processes may profit from an individual workshop that fits their needs.

Trainings may contain only one aspect or problem scenario, or could cover complete modules (e. g. project management, quality assurance etc.). Anyone who needs help with Memsource is welcome!

Which are the most useful Memsource functionalities for your work?

Since I am a consultant, always looking for the best solution for our clients in every possible field of the information process chain, every functionality in Memsource is interesting and useful for my work. For our clients especially, the automation widget is a handy function as well as the general usability and flexibility of the tool.

What do you like most about Memsource?

For translators, Memsource is a very intuitive tool to work with – they can easily work online or offline in the same environment. They can collaborate and profit from each other. Memsource supports many file formats that can easily be configured as desired, which is important for our corporate clients. There are three different report templates which allow different user groups to get the calculation they really need. Memsource is a highly user-friendly and flexible tool.

Anything else you would like to share?

Generally, all translation memory tools are more or less of the same shape. But the differences lie in the nitty-gritty. With all the different tools on the market it can become difficult to find the best product for your individual need. As specialists for translation processes and technology, berns language consulting helps you to keep a clear view and to find what you are looking for.