Ludong University: Proud of Being a Memsource Academic Edition Customer

This customer testimonial has been provided by Joe Zhou, the Director of the MTI Education Center at Ludong University.

“We are very proud and thankful of being a college customer of Memsource Academic Edition. Memsource Cloud as a Cloud-based CAT tool has many advantages, such as low cost, easy management, collaborative translation and fast deliveries. Moreover, there is a Memsource Editor, a desktop tool that allows you to work offline and upload your translation as soon as you get online. A server CAT tool plus its clients equal to Memsource Cloud plus Editors, but obviously the later is much easier to “install” and no need to “repair”. I’ve been teaching and guiding my students, both graduates and postgraduates, using Memsource Cloud in our CAT course since 2012. It’s really powerful and user-friendly. I believe other college teachers and students also love it no less than us.”

Joe Zhou

Director of the MTI Education Center The School of Foreign Languages