Klingon, Elvish, Parseltongue - Oh My!

In the true spirit of Memsource, we strive to go where no translation platform has gone before. This includes our language selection.*

*Disclaimer: We’re not 100% sure no one else has these new languages, but it sounded catchy.

Our list of 400+ supported languages is always growing. Our most recent (and undoubtedly most nerdy) additions include favorites from some of the biggest fantasy book and film franchises.

These languages include:

  • Klingon - Star Trek

  • Parseltongue - Harry Potter

  • Dothraki - Game of Thrones

  • Elvish - Lord of the Rings

  • Wookiee - Star Wars






April Fools! We’re just kidding. Sort of.

It’s true, we’re not adding MOST of these, but Klingon will actually be available in our supported languages on Tuesday, April 3. That’s no joke.

Qapla’! (Success!) Happy Translating!