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Kaori Myatt: Evolving together, from Freelancer to Language Service Provider with Memsource

Kaori Myatt founded Word Connection sarl France, building on a well-established career as a freelance Japanese translator. Kaori manages the company together with her husband James and their in-house Japanese team.

English to Japanese projects ranging from 100,000 to 800,000 words now represent 80% of their business, with the remaining 20% coming from other language combinations and an ever increasing number of direct clients in Japan. The company specializes in, software localization, user manuals, technical documentation, game and automotive.

In preparation for the coming Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Kaori and James are in the final stages of opening their Japanese branch, chiefly to facilitate their work for government agencies and bring them closer to their direct clients.

In the meantime, Kaori is maximizing her leverage on technology. As an experienced user of many CAT-tools, Kaori is currently attending our Certified Trainer Programme. We asked her several questions about her experience with Memsource.


What brought you to Memsource?

I started using Memsource three years ago. The first projects with Memsource were for two major customers in fashion apparel and in the software industry.

One of the projects consisted of almost 2,000 files in Excel format. Sending all of them to translators one by one would have been crazy.

We took Memsource and merged the files into translation jobs of adequate size for translators. When the translation was completed, we split the jobs back to deliver the files into the target language. It was very straightforward and saved us a lot of project management pain.

How does Memsource compare to other tools you are using?

Memsource is the right tool for translation companies that want to allocate jobs to translators that are not used to CAT tools.

The interface is very clear and intuitive. The translation editor is cross-platform, and works on PC, Macs and even tablets. UI is user friendly and Translators can use Memsource without any support.

More importantly, it’s free for freelance translators, so we don’t have to ask freelancers to buy software.

Which particular features do you use?

I like how easy it is to allocate a job. It takes only a couple of clicks. Job templates and automated email notifications save project management time and help me streamline communication with my translators.

It’s especially useful when working with a team of translators. Unlike many online tools, Memsource is great for sharing translation memory and term base.

Word Connection is launching another large project in Memsource. A team consisting of 8 language professionals will be working to deliver 100,000 words to localize a HR management system.

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