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Increasing Speed and Consistency in Patent Translation

Increasing Speed and Consistency in Patent Translation

Chizai Corporation has been an innovator and leader in the field of patent translations since 1976. We asked Company Director Tadashi Ueda about the positive results they have experienced since introducing Memsource into their translation workflow.

Why did you choose Memsource?

First of all, Memsource is free to use for our workers and there is no initial cost, only a usage fee. That alone was a huge plus on our side. Aside from that, the layout of the editor is straightforward and easy to operate even for first-time users. The features are practical and the UI is simple and intuitive.

What kind of results did you see after introducing Memsource?

There was a very quick learning curve so translators who are familiar with other tools can adapt easily. Consistency has improved, correction work has become a lot easier, and working hours have been greatly reduced. Since you can share files between translators and proofreaders in Memsource, there are fewer email exchanges with attached files, reducing the burden on the project managers.

We have earned high praise from proofreaders as well. When the source file contains many similar sentences and short sentences, the time required for proofreading is significantly reduced. It varies from individual to individual but most users estimate their production time is cut by roughly 30%.

Which features have you found useful?

The filter function of the editor is particularly useful - it saves us a great deal of hassle when translating as well as when proofreading, and improves consistency. In patent translation, terminology consistency is hugely important. With this filter function, we can easily spot inaccurate terminology, helping with terminology management and overall quality.

Another useful feature, especially for project management, is exporting the logs of workflow changes. Changes and corrections made during proofreading are displayed in an organized format, which is even easier to understand than Change Histories in Office Word documents. You can also export the above as HTML data, which we use to provide feedback to our translators.

Patent specifications are full of scientific and technological terms. With Memsource, we are now able to make a glossary for each client and by sharing it between translators and proofreaders, we are delivering translations with higher quality. It also allows linguists to save time and concentrate on translation and proofreading because they no longer need to spend time searching for technical terms.

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Chizai Corporation Ltd.

Founded in 1976, Chizai Corporation has over four decades of experience as a leading company in patent translation. Along with translation services - which are not limited to simply replacing words, but more of a “language-based comprehensive intellectual property service”-  they offer services which include designing blueprints and creating foreign applications.

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