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GDPR: New User Logins Emailed Automatically

As part of the changes required for GDPR, we have modified the way in which login details are sent to new users. Now, whenever a user of any type is created in Memsource, an email containing their login information will be automatically sent to them.

This is to ensure that all users are aware of and can access the Memsource account that contains their personal data. The image below shows what the email will look like.

Previously, Project Managers or Admins would need to manually send the email from Memsource. This change means that PMs and Admins will no longer be able to decide when the email is sent and what it contains. However, after the initial automatic email is sent, PMs and Admins will be able to email users any additional information that the users may require. __

Our blog post GDPR + Memsource provides more information about what GDPR means for Memsource users.

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