“I like to think that I’m actually not a translator, I’m a hybrid who adds transcreation to everything I translate,” says Matthew Roselli, an English-Italian translator and business owner based in Alessandria, Italy. Matthew began his translation career in 2010 and his fields of specialization are legal, finance, and marketing, but he considers himself an excellent “all-around”…


Quality Translations: Finding Success By Becoming The Whole Package

“Machines can translate the words, but the human is needed to translate the meaning, to add the context, and to breathe life into the words,” says Andreea Olteanu, a freelance translator based in Lucca, Italy who translates Italian to English.

Andreea specializes in many industries, some of which include Information Technology, business/finance, arts/architecture, travel tourism, classical music, journalism, and marketing. She is consistently recognized by her clients and colleagues for not only delivering quality translations, but also providing flexibility, organization, and great communication skills.


Joining the Freelance Community: Transition from Student to Professional

“I’m fascinated by the way I can move ideas and perspectives from one language to another,”  says Joël Dongmo Dontia, a freelancer and a student currently working on getting his Masters in Translation at Université de Dschang in Cameroon.

Joël is using Memsource to help jump start his career as a freelance translator. His determination to excel at school and in the translation market will make him a great addition to the freelance community.


Translation: Always Learning, Always Communicating

“The beautiful thing about translation is that you learn something new everyday,” says Dénis Wettmann, a freelance translator, consultant, and project manager we recently interviewed.
Dénis started his career as a translator in 2007 and currently works with his spouse in mainland Europe. He specializes in psychology and psychopharmacology, but is also skilled in non-scientific translations such as lT and general marketing. He has an organized and mindful approach to his work that helps him deliver consistent and well-structured content to his clients.


Matthew Roselli: “If You Are an Experienced MT Post-Editor, Memsource is the Product for You”.

The following customer testimonial has been provided by Mr. Matthew Roselli, professional Italian to English translator and certified post-editor.

“I have been a professional freelance translator for 5 years now. I discovered Memsource in 2013 and since then, it has become my #1 CAT tool. That is actually an understatement, as it does not express how much more I prefer it to two desktop CAT tools I own. In fact, I use the others only when directly asked to by an agency.