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Discontinuing Memsource Personal Edition

Discontinuing Memsource Personal Edition

After June, Memsource will say goodbye to its free Personal edition. Signing up for the Personal edition is no longer possible. Current users of the Personal edition will be migrated to an extended free trial of the Team Start edition lasting 60 days.

Today Memsource is one of the most trusted localization tools in the industry with over 200,000 users worldwide. Our translation editors have always featured the same professional-grade functionality for all editions. As we’re committed to innovation and continuous improvement of our platform, we will, unfortunately, no longer be able to maintain that same state-of-the art functionality for the free Personal edition.

Memsource will say goodbye to the free Personal edition at the end of June and migrate current Personal users to a 60 days trial of the Team Start edition. To continue using our service after the 60 days trial ends, Personal users will need to switch to a paid edition starting at €20/$27.

What has changed?

  • Signing up for the Personal edition is no longer possible.

What will change end of June?

  • Current users of the Personal edition will be migrated to an extended free trial of the Team Start edition lasting 60 days. When the trial ends, users will need to switch to a paid edition to continue using our service.

The 60 days Team Start trial includes:

  • Unlimited projects and jobs
  • Support for 100x larger files (file size limit: 1 GB)
  • Integrations with Google Translate and Microsoft Personal OneDrive
  • Vendor token to receive shared jobs from translation buyers
  • Able to invite 2 linguists to your account for free to share the work
  • Automation features: submitter portal, price lists, and webhooks

We hope this extended 60-day trial, in addition to this early notification, will provide enough time to Personal users to wrap up ongoing projects, and explore our Team Start edition. We hope you decide to continue with us on the next stage of this journey with a paid edition.

We will continue to offer free fully-featured licenses for academic purposes. Find more details about the academic program here.


When exactly will my account be switched?

The switch will be between June 20th and July 1st, 2022. We can’t give you an exact date, as a script will run migrating users in several batches to the Team Start trial.

Will I be charged automatically when the trial ends?

No, the trial will run out automatically. Users on the Personal edition will not be charged automatically after the 60-day free trial of Team Start. You will need to manually switch to a different edition to continue using Memsource.

Do I need to cancel the Team Start trial?

No, it will run out automatically after 60 days.

What happens to the data in my account?

You can export your data before the Team Start trial runs out. After that, you will have to switch to a different edition to access your account and the data stored in it.

Why not keep the free edition, even with a limited translation editor?

We want to offer state-of the art technology to translators to help them increase efficiency and meet today’s demands in the industry. Offering a product that is below industry standards will not achieve this goal, and we believe that it will not bring value to translators.

Does it include a free trial of the Memsource Translate add-on?

No, the Memsource Translate add-on is not part of the 60 days free trial of Team Start. After upgrading to Team Start, you can start a Memsource Translate trial for free.

I am a freelance translator and don’t need a Team Start edition. Is there a solution for freelancers?

Freelance translators will need to use the Team Start edition starting at €20/$27 per month. There won’t be a free option for freelancers anymore. The only free option that we will keep offering is our academic program.

Will Memsource offer a discounted Team Start price to Personal edition users after canceling it?

Our Team Start edition is starting at €20/$27 per month. Personal users will receive a discount in the form of a 60 days free trial of Team Start. We’re not planning on further discounts.

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