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David Čaněk: The Carlyle Group Invests in Memsource

David on Carlyle

Today we have announced our exciting new partnership with The Carlyle Group. I would like to share with you some thoughts on what this means for our customers, our team, and the future of Memsource.

This August, we will be celebrating Memsource’s ten years anniversary, which makes this an appropriate time for reflection. As a startup, we were always confident in our product and optimistic about the future, but the sheer scale of our success would have surprised us. After ten years of hard work we have established ourselves as a major presence in the translation technology market, with a team of over a hundred people and a product that we are proud of. We have established valuable and lasting relationships with our customers, that include freelancers, SMEs, LSPs, and global enterprises, some of which are the world’s leading brands.

I am very grateful for everyone’s contribution to our growth in our first ten years, especially to our customers, without whom none of this would be possible. I am confident that our new partnership with The Carlyle Group will help us enter our second decade with even greater momentum to the benefit of all.

The Carlyle Group, a global investment firm with over $200 billion under management, has become a majority shareholder in Memsource. Though this partnership represents a significant step for our company, not everything will change. Current management, including myself, will remain onboard as managers and shareholders. The values that have been the foundation of our success will not change and neither will our vision for the future of Memsource.

The impact on the growth of Memsource, however, will be significant.

With Carlyle’s support we will be able to double our efforts and continue building on what makes Memsource great. In the past years we have made significant strides in improving our product by committing to innovative features.

In 2017, we established AI and Big Data teams to pursue a new direction in our development. This has helped us create new patented AI technologies and features such as MTQE and Memsource Translate. Together with Carlyle, we believe that AI will continue to be the driver of innovation in enterprise localization. Machine translation and AI will remain a vital pillar of core strategy.

Our new partnership with the Carlyle Group is the natural continuation of Memsource’s story. We have grown through our commitment to innovation in localization technology. With Carlyle’s support and resources we will be in a better position to accelerate the pace of innovation and bring it to even more customers around the world.

Thank you.

David Čaněk, Memsource CEO

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