Client Portals: A new customer-focused solution

Memsource has released a new solution to offer your translation clients.

Client Portals make it even easier for translation providers and internal localization teams to create customized online portals for their clients, giving them access to project overviews, job statuses, financial metrics, and drag-and-drop automation widgets.

Prior to this release, the main access point for non-user clients was a public website or unique URL with an embedded Automation Widget. This provided the clients with a quick access point for uploading files for translation, selecting the desired languages, and approving a price quote, but didn’t allow the client to have an overview of project progress or see any translation metrics. To check the progress of a project, the user had to find a previous notification email with a link to the project overview.


Now, clients can access their personalized portal as a “submitter”. This new role enables the user to easily order, monitor, and receive translations in one secure location  - all without needing a separate license or managing any technical settings. This increases transparency between the client and provider, and further streamlines communications. There’s no need to keep track of previous job emails to see translation progress and clients can easily log in from anywhere to see how a project is progressing and to download completed files.

Another benefit of the portal is the enhanced security for the client. With the individual login, it requires the user to log into Memsource Cloud to access project data and the user can also set up 2-factor authentication for additional protection.

For Translation Agencies: the Client Portal is a new way to give your translation buyers more oversight into their projects without purchasing additional licenses. Clients can see how much they’re saving on localization costs by working with your agency, and it removes the need for unnecessary email communication on project status and progress.

For Corporate Translation Departments: the Client Portal provides simple access points for internal departments (marketing, documentation, e-learning, HR, etc.) to submit and manage their translations with you and to track their budgets and savings.

Memsource Editions: The Team and Ultimate editions will come with two Submitter roles for each project manager license, and the BIZ Start, BIZ Team, BIZ Unlimited editions will include 10 Submitter roles for each project manager. This enables translation agencies and translation departments to distribute logins to a variety of internal and external clients, and to streamline the localization process at no additional cost.

How to set up the Client Portal for your customers


To set up the Client Portal you need to create a Submitter role:

  1. Go to Users -> Create/Edit and select the Submitter in the Role field.

  2. In the Widgets section, you can see the list of widgets created in your account.

  3. Select the specific widgets you want your client to have access to; the widgets can be unique for each submitter. If you want to set up a new Automation Widget for your client, visit our Help Center for more information.

  4. Once the form is filled in with all the necessary information, Create your Submitter.

  5. To give your Submitter access, simply select them from the list and click Email Login. This will provide your Submitter with instructions on how to log in and create a password.

Once logged in, the Submitters will be able to see the list of Widgets assigned to them as well as the option to select which analytics dashboards they want to feature on their Home Page.


After being created by the account admin, the submitter user can log into their Client Portal and work in Memsource Cloud on two pages: the Home Page and the Project Page.

Access to analytics dashboards and automation widgets

On the Home Page, the client can access dashboards with metrics related to Jobs, Costs and Savings, and Leverage. These dashboards can be added and adjusted by the client to create a custom overview of their projects and financials. (Learn more about the Analytics Dashboards).

Also on the Home Page, the client can submit new projects through any Automation Widget set up by the administrator. The submitter can see the price and approve the project to be translated before it’s sent to the main account with the pre-determined settings. After uploading a file into the Automation Widget, the client will be sent to a confirmation page where they can also order additional files.

Real-time project overview

On the Project tab, clients can see an overview of all submitted projects with information on due dates, project statuses, and purchase order numbers. Each project can be monitored and users can open each of the projects to see an overview and to download the completed project file when the job is finished.


The client can monitor project progress directly in the project list, and can also click on the name to open the project, view the status, and download completed files when the translation process is finished.


For more information about creating Client Portals for your customers, visit our Help Center.

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