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Ciklopea optimizes operations with Memsource

Ciklopea, a well-known name and regional leader in the language services industry in the SEE region has become a user of Memsource in 2015. In less than six month on the tool became very important, as it helped Ciklopea’s project managers optimize their work and relationships with linguists and clients, explains Marina Orešković, the company’s COO.

Ciklopea was founded in 2003 and initially served the needs of regional customers in Croatia. In 2010 it launched a new strategy and became a prominent supplier of linguistic services in the languages of Southeast Europe to global multilingual language providers (MLV).

Working with any linguist

After acquiring Memsource, Ciklopea was able to increase the pool of available language specialists. Project managers can now work with anyone they want, even with linguists without CAT tool experience or licenses. Memsource is free for linguists and has a short learning curve. The agency provides accounts to the translators, and they can start working in the browser immediately, without the need to install software or spend more than a few minutes learning it.

Automation for a stream of small translations

Ciklopea’s project managers used Memsource to automate the translation process for a major customer from the food processing industry.

The customer required very short translations into 5 languages on a daily basis. Initially it took a lot of time to process these orders and send jobs to 5 translators and 5 reviewers manually. As the job itself comprised just a few words, operations consumed profits.

With Memsource Ciklopea’s project manager set up a project template which already has the relevant translation memory and termbases, and sends automated notifications to linguists. Now the company can deliver quicker and in a more efficient way, and the profit margin for this customer has significantly improved.

Reduced ownership costs

As a cloud system, Memsource handles the workload on its own servers, and Ciklopea didn’t have to buy and maintain new hardware. Without these extra costs the company’s management can have a one fewer headache.

Integrating with a project management system

Ciklopea plans to integrate Memsource with their proprietary translation management system (TMS). The integration will allow project managers to create and manage projects in the CAT tool from the TMS without the need to export and import files between two systems.

Memsource was selected as the first tool for integration because it has the strongest set of API. Almost every function in Memsource can be accessed via the application programming interface, which makes it easier to create a connector that project managers will happily use in their daily work.

Ciklopea currently employs 20 people and has three offices: in Croatian cities Zagreb and Rijeka, and in Belgrade, Serbia.

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