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Amesto Translations Selects Memsource as Primary CAT-Tool

Edit: In March 2018, Amesto was bought by Semantix AB.

Amesto Translations is part of the Amesto Group and is one of the Nordic region’s largest translation agencies with offices in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Great Britain. The company provides services in over 200 languages and has been using Memsource to provide translations since 2014. In 2017, Amesto selected Memsource as its primary CAT-tool integrated with the XTRF project management platform to serve their global clients.

{:.float-right} We spoke with Emma Skagerberg, IT Manager Production Systems, about how Amesto uses the Memsource-XTRF integration, why they chose Memsource as their preferred CAT-tool, and the benefits they have experienced.

Memsource: How long have you been using Memsource at Amesto?

Emma: We have been using Memsource since early 2014 and Memsource has been our primary CAT-tool since September 2017. Most of the projects we run in Memsource are created automatically via the XTRF-Memsource integration.

Describe your integration with XTRF, how do the two systems work together?

The translation workflow is set up in XTRF and, once the workflow has started, the integration will automatically create a project in Memsource based on the chosen workflow. It will also import the CAT-tool analysis and assign the providers selected in XTRF to all jobs in the workflow. There is no need to set up the project separately in both systems. At the same time, if you need to check a certain string or file as a Project Manager, you can open the project and the file in Memsource within seconds. Once the workflow is completed, the final version of the translated file will be placed in the output folder in XTRF, ready to be delivered to the customer.

Why did you decide to use Memsource as your primary CAT-tool?

We were looking for a cloud-based CAT-tool that could handle small projects quickly and still be flexible enough to handle a more complicated setup with several workflow steps and many linguists. It was also important to us to have file filters continuously updated as well as the possibility to customize automated processes. Finally, we wanted a tool which included a version that is free of charge for providers. We found all this in Memsource.

What has the experience been for your translators?

Most translators have reported that it is quick and easy to get started translating in Memsource. They also like the autocomplete feature and the preview feature (which we also have enabled for InDesign files via Frontlab), and they like that it is easy to share projects.

Memsource’s web-based translator’s workbench

What are the most important features and functionality Amesto looks for in a preferred CAT-tool?

As previously mentioned, flexibility, continuous software updates, and a free version for providers are important. But we also value the options to easily choose between different MT engines, the ability to access APIs to help us automate repetitive tasks, the easy collaboration in large projects, and the management of workflows with many steps.

What has been the result of selecting Memsource as your preferred CAT-tool?

We have seen some productivity increases, partly due to an increased usage of machine translation (MT). We also don’t have to export and import translation packages anymore and there are fewer issues related to this task, such as corrupt packages or differences in tool versions.

What are the most important features that help you add value for your clients?

It is now easier for us to include our customers in terminology management and to have them perform client validation online. We can also allow them to search their own translation memories. When customers want to ensure that their data is secure and protected, we can block external linguists from downloading files to their local computer. And with less technical hassle and more MT usage, we can also shorten delivery times.

What would you suggest to other translation agencies who are looking for a preferred CAT-tool?

Our industry is changing fast, and as a translation agency, you will need technical platforms that are flexible and that will enable you to easily integrate different tools, like Frontlab and MT engines, and collaborate with technical partners throughout the translation process. I would suggest looking for a flexible system which will not lock you in and will allow you to scale in use to better serve your customers.

Is there anything else you would like to share regarding your experience with Memsource?

The Memsource team is very professional and helpful, they have good knowledge about their product, and overall, seem to be dedicated and committed to solving problems.

About Amesto

Amesto Translations has 35 years of experience of helping all types of companies within both the private and public sectors to improve their translation flow. They have local offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the UK. Over 2,000 companies work with them on a daily basis.

Interested in integrating Memsource into your translation technology toolbox to better serve your clients? Contact our Sales team for a personalized demo or start a free trial today.

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