Aachen University of Applied Sciences: "There can be no better way for students to experience the world of the professional translator"

This customer testimonial has been provided by Gary Evans BSc., Translator/Technical English Teacher at FH Aachen.

“We were kindly granted permission in 2014 to use the Academic Edition of Memsource for teaching Technical English to IT students at the FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences. Our experience of using this CAT tool has been very positive and the support from Memsource has been fast, professional and helpful. Students have had the chance to gain hands-on experience with a professional CAT tool for translating, proofreading and finally receiving client feedback from the faculties. We have been able to build up an extensive Translation Memory and a Term Bank as a result, which we can rely on in the future to ensure consistency and high quality in our work.

There can be no better way for students to experience the world of the professional translator/proofreader while experiencing what the job of a translation manager involves.

I also recently updated my operating system to a Linux platform and I quickly received the support I needed to download and install Memsource Editor thanks to the excellent support team at Memsource. As a translation professional and teacher of technical English, I feel that Memsource provides the tools I need, based on an open source platform, which I feel is the future for the industry as a whole.”

Gary Evans BSc.

Translator/Technical English Teacher