Microsoft with Feedback Deprecation

As of September 3, 2018, the free MT engine, Microsoft Translator with Feedback, has been deprecated. Any Memsource user using Microsoft Translator with Feedback has been migrated to Microsoft Translator (+free characters) which can be managed via Memsource.

Why is Microsoft with Feedback being deprecated?

This MT engine was free (with some limitations) to Memsource users thanks to a partnership between Memsource and Microsoft. In exchange for the free usage, Memsource would send back the post-edited translation (the “feedback”) to Microsoft. This did not include any user data, however, this feature was not fully GDPR compliant and so the feedback feature had to be discontinued with the arrival of GDPR.

Because of this, we have had to deprecate Microsoft with Feedback. This happened on September 3, 2018. If you currently use Microsoft with Feedback, you have been automatically migrated to the Microsoft Translator MT engine in Memsource.

Because of  our new enhanced MT management in Memsource, you will not have to set up a Microsoft Translator account. You can pay for your Microsoft Translator characters directly through Memsource. Plus, you will receive 2,000,000 free characters/month.

What happens to the Microsoft with Feedback Engine included in my project templates?

We will replace the current Microsoft with Feedback engine in your templates with the Microsoft Translator engine. Your templates will not be affected.

What if I use up the free 2,000,000 characters?

You will need to purchase more characters. You can choose from three different character bundles:

2 million characters – $20 (€17)

5 million characters – $50 (€43)

10 million characters – $100 (€86)

Learn more about purchasing MT characters in Memsource. There is no time limit when it comes to using up these characters. Once you have purchased them, they will remain in your account.

Are there any additional advantages that come with Microsoft Translator compared to Microsoft with Feedback?

Yes, you will be able to batch pre-translate entire jobs at once, not just segment by segment during translation, which was a limitation of Microsoft with Feedback.

Is purchasing MT characters through Memsource the only option I have?

We think it’s the most convenient option. However, you can also create a separate account with Microsoft, provide your billing account details, and link the Microsoft and Memsource account via your API token.


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