Memsource Mobile App Update

Available for Android and iOS, all users can enjoy peace of mind knowing their translations are well-managed and on track thanks to the app’s updated functionality and user experience.

What’s new? We’re glad you asked:

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Within the sleek new interface, users can take full control over their workflows without being tied down to a computer. The app caters to both project managers and translators in equally convenient ways.

Project Managers can:

  • Create projects and jobs from their phone

  • Avoid bulky laptops while traveling

  • Ensure deadlines are met with progress dashboards

  • Receive instant notifications when translation milestones are met

  • Use templates, term bases, and translation memories

Project Manager Projects Dashboard, New Project, and Shared Project UI[/caption]

Linguists can:

  • Receive instant notifications to accept or decline new jobs

  • Manage their workflow based on Jobs, instead of Projects

  • Get an overview of all current job statuses

  • Provide immediate response times and full accessibility to clients

  • Work from wherever they go - there’s no need to spend all day behind a desk. Work while camping, traveling, or whatever else!

Linguist Jobs List, Job Dashboard, and Job Filtering UI

All users can:

  • Update their avatar easily

  • Change timezones seamlessly

  • Add multiple user profiles and switch between them freely

  • Filter jobs according to workflow steps, target languages, or search by name

  • Opt-in or out of receiving newsletters

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Enable yourself to work wherever you are by downloading the Memsource app and start managing your translation projects on-the-go. Available in the App Store and Google Play:

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