Atlassian Confluence Connector Developed for Memsource

The software developer, Knowledge on Demand Inc., has developed a Memsource Connector for Atlassian Confluence, in collaboration with Honyaku Center Inc.

Confluence is a wiki-based collaboration platform which teams can use to create and manage all the content and resources required for a project, from project plans to product requirements. With Knowledge on Demand’s Memsource Connector, you can export pages and spaces from Confluence

Server into Memsource for translation into more than 70 languages.

“We decided to develop a connector for Memsource and Confluence because both tools offer significant benefits,” explained Knowledge on Demand’s CEO, Tomoki Miyashita. “Confluence is acontent creation system with outstanding sharing and history management capabilities, while Memsource, with its comprehensive API, is able to reduce the time users spend on translation management tasks.”

Using this connector, you can do the following directly from Confluence:

  • Create a new translation project in Memsource

  • Check the status of the translation

  • Create a new space for the translated content.

“We believe document systems are increasingly moving in a sharing direction,” said Mr. Miyashita, “and translation systems, like Memsource, are now indispensable for document creation.”

The connector is available for Confluence Server and for Memsource’s Ultimate and Enterprise editions.

Learn more about the connector on the Atlassian Marketplace and  find out how to set up and use this connector, see Knowledge on Demand’s User Guide.