Ciklopea Localizes WordPress Websites Up To 30% Faster

Language service provider Ciklopea provides translation, localization, and consulting solutions to global businesses in the life sciences, IT and software, and technology and manufacturing sectors. They work with companies in 41 countries, in more than 30 languages, and over 150 language pairings.

Ciklopea has been using Memsource since late 2015 and started using the WordPress connector in the spring of 2017 to translate WordPress websites for their clients. Since then, the team has found they are able to produce faster turnaround times for their clients while maintaining quality and real-time oversight.

According to Marina Orešković, Chief Operations Officer, “The automated process of WordPress-based website localization through WPML and the Memsource WordPress connector enables us to set up website localization projects 50% faster, preserve the integrity of the online content across the localized versions, and check the localized content for any issues in near real time.

In other words, our process is leaner, enabling our clients to publish the localized websites up to 30% faster than before.”

Learn more about how Ciklopea translates WordPress websites with Memsource in their new white paper and hear what they had to tell us when we met at the tekom conference in 2015.


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