Enhancing Account Security with Two-Factor Authentication

Security is on the mind of any technology user, especially those who send files and data to multiple individuals or organizations for localization through the Cloud. Now, all Memsource users can increase the security of their Memsource account by enabling two-factor authentication and downloading Google Authenticator, Authy, or any other compatible application to their mobile devices.

The two-factor authentication in Memsource is based on TOTP (Time-based One-time Password) - every time a user wants to log in to their account, they must provide their standard password as well as a one-time code generated by an authentication application.

To use the feature in Memsource Desktop Editor, users must have the updated version 6.200.0. When the Editor is opened, a window will pop up asking the user to enter a code provided by their authentication application.

We have also added an optional code parameter to our login API.

What happens if you lose your phone or delete the app by mistake? Reach out to your company administrator and ask them to disable 2-factor authentication for you.

Setting up Two-Factor Authentication in Memsource

  1. Download Google Authenticator or a similar app to your mobile device

  2. Go to Setup in your Memsource account and open Two-Factor Authentication

  3. Scan the QR code linked with your account with your app. The app will generate a numeric code.

  4. Enter the code into the field Code in Memsource

  5. Click on Verify (your phone must be connected to the internet at that moment)

If a QR code isn’t available, a secretcode will be displayed which can be typed into the app instead.

Your account will now be linked to the app in your mobile device and you will be prompted to enter the numeric code every time you login to Memsource.