GAMESCOM EXCLUSIVE: CAT-tools Proving Popular with Pokemons


In this age of increasing multi-dimensional interaction between humans and the strange alien creatures known as ‘Pokemon’, translation platforms such as Memsource are proving an invaluable intermediary between our two species.

The creatures, which most of the time are capable only of uttering their own names, are fully capable of understanding most human languages, and have been flocking in droves to use the Memsource platform as they recognize the huge market for Pokemon translators.

The demand for humans to be able to understand Pokemons is currently skyrocketing, as the colorful aliens are increasingly making their presence felt on social media, smartphones, and in adult life in general.

Indeed, the recent influx of Pokemons into the sphere of ‘normal conversation’ is causing alarm in some circles, and fueling a backlash in the form of various right-wing movements across the continent. Many wish the creatures would just return to the bizarre world of basement-dwellers and children under the age of 9, where they have generally resided for the last fifteen years. So far their efforts appear not to be working however, as ever more conversations about Pokemons are to be heard in the office, the street, the kebab shop, and the local bar.

‘I am 39 years old and I work in a supermarket. I don’t give a **** about Pokemonkeys’, said a local man.

The Memsource platform is proving particularly appealing for translator Pokemons, due to its attractive blue and white color scheme, along with its extremely low start-up fees. They also claim to find the translation memory feature extremely useful, as 99% of the noises uttered by Pokemons are exactly the same.

Pokemons notoriously find it difficult to find work in regular human professions, mainly due to their small size and inability to do anything of much use whatsoever. The fact that they are able to understand languages, fused with Memsource technology, is opening many doors that previously went unconsidered, and economists are predicting it could potentially revolutionize the Pokemon economy, or ‘Pokonomy’.

‘This is a sad chapter in the history of the human race’ - said a smartphone-less person.

416894_10151346371041329_1582619091_n by James Austin
James Austin is a Prague-based copywriter for Memsource, musician and fitness enthusiast.