New Memsource Status Page Now Available

Memsource now has a system metrics page, designed to show how smoothly our main services are running at any given time.

It is visible both from our main website and from the Memsource Cloud dashboard. It displays on a daily, weekly and monthly basis the following indicators:

  • current system status
  • lag time
  • history of previous glitches

It also shows independently whether the web app, web editor and APIs are functioning normally. If you ever get a slow response time while using our services, you can now check at a glance if there is a problem with the system in general, or whether the problem is at your end.

Since the beginning of 2016 Memsource has had less than five hours of unplanned downtime in total. As a cloud-based platform, we know how important it is to keep our system running smoothly at all times.

However, no-one is protected from technology issues, and if you were using us last Monday (18th July) between 9.30 and 10.30 CEST, you may have noticed a glitch in the system resulting in difficulties in importing new jobs into Memsource. The problem was caused by a few transactions holding database locks for our background processing. It didn’t take us long to fix, however if you were using Memsource during this time, you no doubt wondered what was happening. Our support team was inundated with questions and requests, and many of our users assumed that the problem was coming from their end. This is exactly why we decided to launch the status page.

We are always open to suggestions for new innovations of this kind; if there is something on Memsource you would like addressed, please contact our support team at