Reflections on LocWorld30 Tokyo 2016

LocWorld30 Tokyo

Approximately a month ago, we were excited about traveling to Tokyo for the #1 translation industry conference, #30 out of the LocWorld series. The air in our Prague-based headquarters was filled with the smell of freshly printed brochures ready to be packed and shipped to our Japanese office for the big event.

We had just issued several weeks ago our 5.4 Cloud release packed with new features including APIs and analytics before LocWorld30. Our CEO David Canek was going to talk on the topic in Tokyo in a joint presentation with Gengo CEO Matthew Romaine.

David and Matthew would discuss the increasingly common integration of third-party market software into existing systems, as opposed to implementing new programmes from scratch every time a new service is required.

A number of large organizations now utilize on a daily basis various tools such as maps, search engines and translators. Where they would previously have implemented various siloed systems running parallel to one other, due to the innovation of APIs, companies can now ‘outsource’ the functionality of various high quality variants of such tools and directly integrate them into existing platforms and applications, resulting in increased efficiency and cost savings.

And we can assure you that this trend will not be going away anytime soon. Translation APIs are a potential game changer for localization specialists, and you, translation experts and enthusiasts, will have probably seen an increasing global tendency towards their use over the last 15 years or so.

You can watch the full presentation “Technology for the Crowd in the Cloud” by Memsource and Gengo here:

We once again had a great time at LocWorld. Our team represented by David Canek, the founder and CEO of Memsource, Josef Kubovsky, Head of Sales, and our Tokyo-based representative Junko Kato, Marketing Manager for Japan, came back full of ideas and brought us some lovely goodies including excellent Japanese green tea!

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve included a link to our Facebook album and invite you to browse through the photos taken at the LocWorld30 conference:

Photos from LocWorld30 Tokyo 2016

We would like to say thank you to all those we met in Japan and are sending a special thank you to our partners Matthew Romaine and Gengo for their great cooperation.

We are looking forward to the next one!