Memsource Certified Trainer - Fedor Bonch-Osmolovskiy

fmbo_2016 Fedor Bonch-Osmolovskiy, Managing Partner at Levsha Localization Studio
Years of experience in the translation industry: 11
Years of experience as Memsource user: 3,5

Why did you choose to become Memsource Certified Trainer?

I am always happy when I see that something is working properly and people utilize the full functionality of a tool. If someone has chosen to use Memsource, I am happy to help him or her get maximum from it.

In which language(s) will you give Memsource training?

Russian, English.

What activities are you developing - or have developed - as Memsource Certified Trainer?

I’ve filmed some video trainings for our in-house team and translators to highlight the most important functions of the tool that we are using, however Memsource is quickly developing and some of them definitely should be filmed again.

What kind of audience do you plan to train/are you training?

Currently I am training members of our internal team and freelancers who work with us. In general, I am happy to train anyone who is interested.

Which are the most useful Memsource functionalities for your work?

Customizable filters for file import, customizable email notifications, cloud-based translation memories and term bases that allow simultaneous work for the big teams.

What do you like most about Memsource?

Its free, light and clean editor with all necessary functions without redundant bells and whistles; the automatic workflow notifications which reduce the amount of PM routine; the cloud-based translation assets; the reactive support and development team — many of our ideas were implemented and now all Memsource users can benefit from them.

Anything else you would like to share?

We were lucky to develop our Memsource usage with the same pace the tool has been developed. In this case, you always note the improvements and can get most from them.