Common Sense Advisory and Danfoss Group at the Memsource User Meetup New York

Memsource User Meetup Blog

As we announced last week, on March 20 Memsource will hold its first User Meetup of 2016.

We have prepared a great program and speakers who will give you valuable takeaways for your company. Take a look.

Donald DePalma

Demand for Translation Services from New Buyers - Donald A. DePalma, Founder at Common Sense Advisory

While most LSPs strive to land work from localization departments with big budgets and predictable volumes of large projects, the reality of today’s market is different. Most of the demand comes from smaller jobs, many from first-time in business or customer-facing functions like marketing, social engagement, or business intelligence. The presentation at Memsource User Meetup describes this new category of demand, discusses changes in the behavior of traditional buying communities, and recommends how LSPs should treat the relationships that evolve with both these new and old buyers.

Joanna Madetko-Niedbała

What Do Translation Buyers Expect from LSPs in 2016? - Follow-up discussion featuring Joanna Madetko-Niedbała, Digital Project Manager | Global Marketing Communications at Danfoss

The follow-up discussion will focus on shifts in customer requirements on enterprise-scale projects. Joanna Madetko-Niedbala, Global Communication Coordinator at Danfoss Group and an experienced enterprise translation buyer, will open up and lead the talk.

Discussion points:

  • Expectations for translation services 3 years ago and today: what has changed?

  • Deep buyer involvement in the process versus an e-shop for translations: Which model will win?

  • How can LSPs create more value for enterprise customers?

How Can Enterprises and LSPs Work Together in a Trasparent Way? - Josef Kubovsky, Head of Sales at Memsource

This session will provide a brief overview of Memsource technology that influences and changes translation buyer and vendor relationships.

  • Centralized language data across the supply chain

  • Shared projects and jobs

  • Automation widget to streamline management of small jobs

  • Transparency and analytics

So, why not sign up for this great event where you will gain some valuable insights on how to move your company forward?