Memsource and Gengo Partnership Update

Our most recent releases in January 2016, in particular Memsource Cloud 5.3, have introduced several optimizations that make the integration of Gengo’s human translation engine with Memsource even more efficient. Memsource users can pre-translate their files using Gengo directly from within Memsource Cloud starting at just $0.05 per word.

Gengo is a human-powered translation platform with a community of over 18,000 native speakers working across 140+ countries. Gengo currently provides support for over 30 languages with very high throughput and maintains an average delivery time of three hours or less for 95% of its projects. Gengo charges no minimum fees and works efficiently with jobs of any size.

Memsource enterprise users can benefit from Gengo’s translation service for languages not covered by their vendors or when high-quality professional translation is not required or not possible due to budget constraints and when machine translation is not enough.

Memsource translation agency users can benefit from Gengo to automate the translation of small translation jobs, for fast turnaround jobs, for language pairs not covered by their linguists. Gengo can also be used as a buffer when demand cannot be met by the translation agency’s linguists. Memsource users can launch Gengo’s translation service directly from the Memsource Cloud user interface.

Use cases

  • Small translation jobs (no minimum fee)
  • Fast turnaround jobs
  • Languages not covered by your linguists/vendors
  • Use as a white-labelled service for fast turnaround jobs
  • Use in the Memsource Automation Widget

Small translation jobs (no minimum fee)

Gengo does not apply a minimum fee and it is therefore ideal for projects involving, for example, shorter translations into many languages. This is where clients will most appreciate the ease of use and no need for extensive project management efforts. Forget about having to find twenty translators for the translation of a few words: Just send the job out in one click and wait for the translations to be delivered.

Fast turnaround jobs

Gengo’s crowd platform is optimized to give customers a fast translation. With thousands of translators in all time zones, new jobs can be picked up and translated in just minutes, no matter what time of day or day of the week.

The Gengo platform is designed for dynamic, everyday content, whether for personal or business use. While Gengo does not support legal, medical, technical or other specialist texts, such content can still be translated with a full professional workflow, including specialist linguists, editors and proofreaders. With the content profiling functionality within Memsource, you can designate the types of content suitable for Gengo.


Languages not covered by your linguists/vendors

With Gengo, you can now offer language pairs not covered by your own network of providers. Take, for example, Japanese, Malay and Indonesian. In a similar fashion,  if you face more work than your own linguists can handle, you can scale up your production for existing languages.


Use as a white-labelled service for fast turnaround jobs

As Gengo can become fully integrated in your processes, you can offer their services as part of your overall service package. Gengo will help you cover the niche of translations with short turnaround times, minor language combinations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Furthermore, you can effectively cut translation costs and improve delivery time for more expensive language combinations, such as Japanese to English. Pre-translate files and have a professional editor review them, similar to reviewing machine translations. Because Gengo translations are completed by human translators, the editor will need only correct the terminology. If your current cost for translations exceeds $0.1 per word, you will be able to reduce it.


Use in the Memsource Automation Widget

Language service providers can resell Gengo’s crowdsourced translation services to their own customers via a branded drag-and-drop Automation Widget.

You can:

  • Offer 37 languages with over 60 language pairs
  • Deliver translations of any size with an average turnaround of 3 hours or less.
  • Have crowdsourced translations to complement your main service offering.


To run Gengo from inside Memsource, select “Human Translate where Empty” under the “Pre-translate” button in Memsource Cloud.


You will need a topped-up Gengo account connected to Memsource via an API key.

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