Nihon iPrism Sees a 50% Productivity Increase

logo Nihon iPrism is a translation company based in Hyderabad, India, that offers Japanese-to-English translation services across various industries, with a focus on the industrial, legal, medical and pharmaceutical fields.

When choosing Memsource, Nihon iPrism set to achieve two major goals:

  • Increase productivity by better leveraging translated content
  • Improve collaboration among in-house staff and vendors.

Nihon iPrism found an all-encompassing solution in Memsource Cloud.

Productivity boost

After running 200 projects in Memsource Cloud, Nihon iPrism has witnessed a productivity increase of up to 50% as well as a cost saving of up to 20% for its customers.

Nihon iPrism’s (project) teams can now maintain translation memories and glossaries in real time and share them among all the team members.

As the majority of the company’s translation projects come from industrial fields and have a high percentage of repetitions - as well as domain-specific terminology - Nihon iPrism can leverage on its language resources to significantly boost its productivity.

Collaboration across the team

Together with Memsource translation management tools, translation memories and terminology databases are fully integrated in the workflow and contribute to consistency within one specific translation job as well as through every localization project of every single customer.

Nihon iPrism’s team has also benefited from another core element of Memsource Cloud - Memsource Editor. This web-based editor is seamlessly connected to translation memories and termbases allowing, therefore, linguists to conduct quick searches and leverage on the linguistic data.

Sunil Bhanap - Director, Nihon iPrism Nihon iPrism’s Director, Sunil Bhanap, states: “Thanks to the thoughtful design, intuitive user interface and user- friendly features of Memsource Editor, we could get our team members up to speed in a short span of time.”

Memsource Editor is easy-to-use and presents a short learning curve to Nihon iPrism’s translation professionals. This short learning curve translates, in turn, into less training costs for the company and a quick productivity increase for the language professionals.

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