One Billion Words


A milestone: Memsource users have translated over 1 billion words in the third quarter of 2015. The amount of work that global multi-language vendors source to translators and SLVs in Memsource continues to grow. This means that there will be more and more jobs for active users.

Compared to last year, five times more translations are being completed in Memsource every month. In 2014, users translated 100 million words per month; now it is 500 million. In response to the increasing volume of work, we have upgraded our infrastructure to accommodate the growing workload. This is still the beginning. In financial terms, a billion words are worth between $100-150 million, as identified by industry blog This revenue is only a fraction of the $38 bn translation volume across the world. As more and more translation providers and buyers move their projects to the cloud in 2016, we hope that the amount of work done in Memsource will increase as well.

Take Advantage of the Trend

For freelancers and subcontracting agencies, the increasing volume of translations presents a fantastic opportunity. More work will be offered via Memsource, both directly and via the Job Board.


SLVs can sign up and quickly connect to MLVs in Memsource by sharing their vendor tokens.  Afterwards MLV project managers can source jobs to their new vendors in one click via the Shared Projects feature.