Memsource Cloud 5.1

Memsource Release 3

Memsource Cloud 5.1 is scheduled for release on Sunday 25th October, 2015, at 11:00 AM GMT. This is a minor update after version 5.0, and it contains a number of small improvements:

Goodbye to Old Instant Quote Widget

  • **With the introduction of a new Automation Widget we decided to remove the old widget. **This change will make the old UI inaccessible. The existing URL links will now be redirected to the new UI. No actual IQ will be removed. This will not require any action from the user because the iFrame will be redirected to the new UI. Therefore, users that still use the old type of our IQ widget will simply start getting the new Automation Widget form. This has an improved user interface to provide an even better user experience.

Spellchecker for Finnish

  • Finnish is now fully supported for spellchecking in Memsource Editors.

New Languages

  • We have added support for more languages and language locales:

    • Kurmanji
    • Uighur (Arabic)
    • Sindhi (Arabic)
    • Ilonggo
    • Arabic (Israel)
    • Russian (Latvia)
    • Russian (Ukraine)
    • Russian (Israel)
    • German (Belgium)

Usernames Displayed with Full Names

  • When selecting linguist users from the Edit Job menu, you will now see the linguists’ full names, plus their username in the tooltip.



  • Set Project Owner via API