Manuale in Italiano - Italian Community Guide for Memsource

Manual Screenshot

Students of Civica scuola interpreti e traduttori di Milano have created an Italian version of the Memsource documentation. Italian translators and project managers can now train and look for reference materials in their native language.

The community manual has 40 pages, and it can be downloaded from the school’s website in PDF format. The documentation was completed in mid-2015, and it will remain up-to-date for several months.

Download link from Laboratorio Weaver


Second-year students studying for a Master’s degree in Translation at Milan School of Translators and Interpreters created this manual in their 2014-2015 academic year. They used CAT-tools and worked as a team with roles and responsibilities of translators, terminologists and project managers. Students localized online Memsource manuals in their original mediawiki format, and later they used the existing translation memory to create a PDF document. This academic project emulated real work experience.

The Memsource team would like to thank the students and professors responsible for this great initiative. This is the best way to make education more practical, and to prepare students for their future jobs.

Professors: Gabriele Galati and Hellmut Riediger. Project managers: Silvia Cremascoli, Ilaria Minetti Terminologists: Noemi Lattarulo, Marina Sabristov, Federica Tortiello Translators: Francesca Errico, Maria Laura Fiorentini, Gloria Galbusera, Anna Claudia Iacopini, Adele Tangolo, Giada Vallone.

Grazie mille!