Hiring: Java / Grails Developer, Support Specialist and Trainer

Memsource opens 3 job vacancies:

  • Java/Grails Developer in Prague
  • Online Technical Support
  • Online Trainer

To apply, send your CV to Please share this news with your colleagues and friends looking for work.

Java / Grails Developer

We are looking for a new member to join our small team to develop the frontend part of the application (UI for translators, public APIs). The frontend application uses the Grails framework and MySQL database. It runs on Linux (Ubuntu) in multiple Tomcat instances behind a load balancer (HAProxy). New minor releases are deployed almost every day to the production environment. We use Subversion for versioning but we plan to switch to Git soon. Geb (Selenium) is used for automated testing. The frontend communicates with the backend parts via JSON APIs.

We Expect The ideal candidate does not need to have multiple years’ of experience in this field, nor are there education or certification requirements. However, you will need to be able to demonstrate your knowledge and experience with:

  • Full stack development
  • Java
  • Any MVC web framework
  • HTTP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Any versioning system

Good to Know

  • Groovy and Grails
  • Spring, Hibernate
  • MySQL (query optimization)
  • jQuery, AngularJS
  • REST
  • Automated testing (Selenium)
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • Linux

About the Job

  • Zero bureaucracy, just coding
  • We are open to new technologies (these can be quickly deployed in production)

About Memsource Cloud

  • Highly scalable application
  • Used by thousands of translators on a daily basis
  • Serves thousands of requests every minute
  • Processes tens of terabytes of data every month
  • Uses lots of open-source technologies (MongoDB, Elasticsearch, MySQL, Memcached, HAProxy, Logstash,…)


  • Work from our office in Prague

Technical Support Specialist

This position is to provide help and advice to Memsource users around the world; from the US to Europe and Japan. You will need to respond to email, forum and social network requests quickly. A freelance translator, or a translation project manager, would be the perfect candidate.

Your Profile

  • Excellent knowledge of translation software/CAT tools
  • Although not a programmer, you need to have excellent technical skills
  • Very good writing skills in English


  • Assist our users with technical issues
  • Moderate our user support forum
  • Diagnose what’s a user error and what’s a software error
  • Create requests for new features based on user feedback


  • Work remotely from a home office/coworking space.

Memsource Trainer

Conduct Memsource technical demonstrations and webinars on a daily basis, and to train users. The target audience consists of project managers, translators and enterprise localization managers. You need experience with at least one of these jobs.

Your Profile

  • Excellent knowledge of translation processes and software
  • Professional command of English, clean and understandable pronunciation
  • Additional spoken languages, especially German, are an advantage


  • Run webinars and training sessions on a daily basis
  • Occasional travel and live demonstrations


  • Work remotely from a home office/coworking space.