9 Conferences to Meet Memsource this Autumn

In this busy autumn season we’re attending 9 conferences around the world. Join us at these events to network, exchange news and find out how to improve translation efficiency with Memsource.


30 September – 1 October. London, UK

An annual conference for marketing specialists from global companies, Brand2Global stands out as a small but unique event in the localization conference landscape. Bryan Hutchinson, corporate business development manager, will represent Memsource.

ELIA Networking days Krakow

1-3 October. Krakow, Poland

Always a warm event in a tight-knit group of European translation companies, this time Elia ND include a hot and belligerent session titled “The Battle of Tools”. Four technology providers will showcase project management features in parallel, so LSP project managers attending the event can select the one that suits them best, or simply pick up useful tricks to optimize processes along the way. Vaclav Balacek, our head of support, will champion Memsource at this free-for-all tournament.

TAUS Annual Conference

12-13 October. San Jose, US

An assembly of technology companies and senior enterprise localization strategists, the TAUS conference promises to showcase some of this year’s interesting translation innovations. The TAUS event immediately precedes LocWorld 29 that takes place in Silicon Valley. Memsource is an exhibitor, and you can visit our booth at the trade fair. Business development managers Javier Diaz and Daniel Butler are attending.

Korea Technical Communications Association Conference

14 October. Seoul, Republic of Korea

Memsource is a Silver sponsor of this important event for technical communicators in a region that produces much of the world’s leading industrial and consumer equipment. We will present our brand-new Korean interface now available in the Memsource Cloud with the help of 1-StopAsia. Bryan Hutchinson will attend this event.

Locworld Silicon Valley

14 – 16 October. Silicon Valley, US

As one of the largest localization events in the United States, and in the world, the 29th Locworld gathers the best speakers from software companies and localization providers. Already almost a hundred powerful presenters, including the usual suspects and fresh faces, feature in the program of this must-attend gathering. Memsource is an exhibitor at this event, and you can visit our booth to network with Javier Diaz and Daniel Butler.

ATA Annual Conference

5-7 November. Miami, US

The American Translators Association conference is always a dynamic gathering of 1500 or more freelancers and translation company reps. This year it takes place in Miami with plenty of sunshine and lovely beaches to compliment the business program! Vaclav Balacek, head of support, will represent Memsource together with Javier Diaz. You can find them at booth 26, or at the “Tool bar”, a lobby for technology trainers.

tekom – tcworld

10-12 November. Stuttgart, Germany

Tekom is the single most-visited localization-related event in Europe, and the largest global event and market-place for technical communication. This event gathers over 4,000 technical communication and translation professionals every year in the seat of automobile manufacturer Mercedes Benz. Josef Kubovsky, Memsource Head of Sales, together with Jakub Szczepaniak of Milengo will present a case study titled: How to Quadruple E-Commerce Localization Productivity with MT Postediting. In addition, we are running a tool demo “Translation Buyer and Vendor Collaboration in Memsource”. This will take place on 10 November at 16.15.

Nordic Translation Industry Forum

18-20 November. Reykjavik, Iceland

Run by Anne-Marie Colliander Lind and Cecilia Enbäck (who happens to be a user of Memsource), NTIF 2015 is run for the first time in Iceland, during the season when the Aurora Borealis is most likely to be seen. Apart from this magical attraction, the conference offers a great lineup of prominent Scandinavian speakers and participants to network with. Javier Diaz will represent Memsource and deliver a tool demo titled: Build Trust with Transparent Workflows. This will include an overview of instant quotes, customer analytics, and terminology reviews functionality in the Memsource customer dashboard.

Japanese Translation Festival

26 November. Tokyo, Japan

The Japanese translation festival is the key event for Japan’s very special localization market. Lasting only one day, this brings together translation companies and enterprise managers for a short but very memorable networking spree. Josef Kubovsky will provide a joint presentation with Kato Junko, our Tokyo-based consultant and trainer, from 16.00-17.00. We’re planning a User meetup on the next day after the conference. Stay tuned!

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