SEGA Networks Chooses Memsource

Tetsuya Honda, the Lead Localization Planner at SEGA Networks

SEGA Networks started using Memsource in 2015. They subscribed to the Memsource Enterprise edition to carry out on-going multi-language projects with short turnaround times. Tetsuya Honda, the Lead Localization Planner, has provided the following customer testimonial:

“For our long-term projects, it was necessary to establish a reliable and accessible workspace. Our localization group includes both in-house and external project managers and translators, and that’s why we chose Memsource: to share resources across the whole team.”

Tetsuya explained that the primary reasons they chose Memsource were:

  • Workspace and data sharing with external team members;
  • The ability to instantly create and share jobs from existing Word/Excel files;
  • Real-time task monitoring;
  • On-the-fly coordination and guidance.

“We strive to continually improve our work style” - summarized Mr. Honda.

SEGA Games Co., Ltd. SEGA Networks Company is a division of the world-famous SEGA Corporation, known for iconic video game franchises such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Crazy Taxi and Super Monkey Ball. SEGA Networks specializes in mobile app games, many of which are free-to-play for smartphones and tablets. Franchise series such as Sonic and Kingdom Conquest are available in over 150 countries worldwide.