How easy it is to order translations from you?


The boom in e-commerce offers a valuable lesson to translation companies: a friendly purchasing experience drives sales.

Shopping for translations is not as easy as picking up shampoo. As an intellectual service it needs a lot of customization, and a human touch. Sometimes it is simply not possible to go with an automated step-by-step wizard. Still, it does save time in 8 cases out of 10. Below are four business scenarios in which companies can use automated interfaces to offer translations.

A price-checking customer

She loves requesting quotes from multiple agencies to compare prices. Her favourite tools are instant messengers, live chat and massmail. Responding to her requests consumes a lot of project management time, but the acceptance rate is very low, 10% at the very best. At the same time, you can’t afford to ignore the client. Automated quotes allow the to obtain a preliminary price without distracting project managers from running important projects. And if the customer is indeed interesting, you can always reach her with a hand-crafted special offer.

The night watch

Hot requests have a tendency to arrive on weekends, holidays, or at night. To process them properly, someone on the LSP team has to take the night watch. This isn’t feasible unless you know in advance that new jobs will cover overtime.

On the other hand, by setting up an automated process to deliver the night jobs to the translators on duty (perhaps working on the other side of the world), you can make sure business still flows while project managers sleep. When they come back to work on Monday morning, all they have to do is check the completed assignment and collect the payment.

Self-service fans

Some customers enjoy buying by themselves without having to talk to a salesperson. Offer them multiple product and price options to play with: MT, professional, and ultra. Self-service procurement interfaces keep this type of client bust and extremely happy.

Upselling to busy regulars

Enterprise translation buyers often don’t have enough time to purchase translations properly. Contacting the agency, confirming file receipt and quotes makes too much of a barrier for a busy marketing or engineering person. For them it is often easier to do without a non-critical translation than to go through the procurement dance. A streamlined buying process turns this attitude around.

Automating with Memsource

Memsource automates translation ordering with the Instant Quote Widget. It is differentiated by the ability to leverage translation memory from the first step, price calculation, and by powerful customization options: language combinations, pricing, net rate schemes, vendors and workflow. It also creates projects for each job submitted and saves project management time.

Here is an example: ASAP Translation embeds the instant quote widget to their contact information page.

Memsource Instant Quote Widget at ASAP Translation

Additional widgets can be set up for individual key clients. In this case it is possible to leverage their translation memories and termbases. Customer widgets are usually designed as buttons inside intranet portals, or as browser bookmarks for quick use.

A powerful update to this feature is arriving on September the 27th. Stay Tuned!