text & form GmbH Delivers Translations 2x Faster with Memsource

The following user testimonial was provided by Tino Hother, Head of Business Operations at text & form GmbH.


  • Turnaround time within 24 hours
  • Multiple source languages and over 26 target languages
  • Daily batch assignments

text & form GMBH had an ongoing customer relationship that required a lot of data management and file preparation on the project managers’ side, in addition to coordinating with linguists from all over the world.

The customer sent daily hand-offs of content between 50 and 300 words. Translatable texts included single text, single words, bulleted lists, and sometimes small instructions for use. The batches consisted of multiple files ranging from a single to several source languages and had to be translated into up to 26 target languages. The client requested very short turnaround times, ideally within 24 hours, and insisted that all target language files were delivered simultaneously.

Solution - Memsource + XTRF integration via API
Initially, text&form used a desktop CAT-tool and had turnaround times of 2-4 working days, but decided to implement Memsource for this client and integrate it with their XTRF project management platform via API.


  • Automated language pack distribution
  • Streamlined project setup
  • Reduced turnaround times: from 2-4 to 1-2 workdays

When the team decided to add Memsource for this specific client, they were able to radically shorten delivery times by almost half by sending assignments to translators over email and reducing the project preparation time for project managers. Memsource’s web-based translator’s workbench and the free translator licensing model helped coordinate the translators.

However, according to Tino Hother, Head of Business Operations, it was the platform’s connectivity that made the biggest impact.

“The API was a huge factor in the success of our implementation,” explained Tino. “Thanks to a tight integration of Memsource with XTRF, our project management system, we can now easily set up and manage a project with multiple source and target language combinations in XTRF and select suitable providers, while Memsource automatically distributes the relevant language packs to the respective linguists. As soon as the linguists have finished their task, we automatically receive all files and data organized in the correct project in XTRF.”

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