Matthew Roselli: "If You Are an Experienced MT Post-Editor, Memsource is the Product for You".

The following customer testimonial has been provided by Mr. Matthew Roselli, professional Italian to English translator and certified post-editor.

“I have been a professional freelance translator for 5 years now. I discovered Memsource in 2013 and since then, it has become my #1 CAT tool. That is actually an understatement, as it does not express how much more I prefer it to two desktop CAT tools I own. In fact, I use the others only when directly asked to by an agency.

If you are an experienced (and certified) Machine Translation Post-Editor such as myself, Memsource is the product for you. I have tried others, and there simply is no comparison”. Matthew Roselli is based in Alessandria, Italy. His clients include Walt Disney Italia, Amazon, The Coca-Cola Company, Ducati, The Leading Hotels of the World, Ferrero, Juventus FC, Ikea.